Shadow Aviation Minister flies to support WAC 2009

Julian Brazier readies for take off!Shadow Aviation Minister Julian Brazier, one of the most important figures of sports industry, impressed by flying with a high-skilled pilot in a two seater aerobatic airplane at World Aerobatic Championships.

Brazier was taken skywards for a series of loops and high-g manoeuvres with renowned pilot Richard ‘Smokey’ Young over the historic race circuit. Julian Braizerwas also given the opportunity to take the controls and was full of praise for his pilot and the sport:

 “It was a fantastic ride which made me realise just how talented these guys are, the level of skill is terrific! This discipline is a great example of technology and development being filtered from a sport into mainstream industry, such as the use of composite materials which has been in wide use in aerobatic planes for many years. I also feel that the aviation industry is in danger of over-regulation, we all understand that rules are vital for safety issues but not always helpful for purely administrative reasons, with additional charges especially difficult in this economic climate.“

After the aerobatical flight, Mr. Braizer addmited that: ,,This day was one of the best in my life!”

Jeff Zaltman, Managing Director of Flying Aces Limited: “It was great to have the presence of such a prominent figure who is clearly highly knowledgeable and passionate about both the industry and sport of aviation and has its interests at heart.”

Don’t miss the LIVE broadcast of  WAC on 28th and 29th August on

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