Finnal results AWAC 2010

The 2010 Advanced World Aerobatic Championships was a major success for the French! With Baptiste Vignes as Overall Champion and France as team winner, once again they conquered one of the most prestigious air sports competitions. Last year they impressed at Silverstone by taking the World Aerobatics Championships trophie at home.

Check out the podium results here:

LiveAirShowTV to Broadcast the 49th Annual National Aviation Hall of Fame Ceremony

LiveAirShowTV announces its 2nd broadcast of the year, and a return to Dayton, OH for the 49th annual National Aviation Hall of Fame Enshrinement ceremony on July 17th.  Often referred to as “Aviation’s Oscar Night”, this event recognizes the true pioneers in aviation history.  Members of the Hall of Fame include: Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Jim Lovell, and John Glenn; air show performers Patty Wagstaff and Sean D. Tucker; and industry legends Walter Beech, and William Piper.

This year’s enshrinement class consists of: Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, inventor Warren Grimes, aviation icon, Reno air racer, and aerial cinematography pioneer Clay Lacy, and Arctic flight expert and founder of Alaska Airlines Noel Wein.

The broadcast will begin just before 7:00pm EDT and can be seen at: Please visit our Livestream page prior to the event and check out the other broadcast archives from the Barksdale AFB air show this past April, and last year’s Reno Air Races finals.

More information on the National Aviation Hall of Fame can be found at:

More information on LiveAirShowTV can be found at:

British pilots prepare for the EAC and the WAAC

Sywell airfield near Northampton will be the place to see the best British aerobatic pilots as they compete to win two national titles on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July. The breathtaking freestyle displays will be flown in some of the World’s most capable aerobatic aircraft, flying figures that almost defy the laws of physics, and entrance is free.

The Nationals are part of the build up for the European aerobatic championships in the Czech Republic and the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Poland and both teams will be at Sywell to prepare their challenge for European and World championship medals.

Each pilot will have to fly four routines, including the advanced freestyle which is a sequence of figures of the pilot’s choice designed for the ‘wow’ factor that leave the audience wondering how the pilot makes the aircraft fly in a way that appears impossible. The sequence figures are the most complex and difficult to fly, presenting the pilot with both a physical and mental challenge as he fights to keep the airplane in a one kilometre cube aerobatic box while working in three dimensions, both upright and inverted, at over 200mph.

The winner is the pilot who presents the flown figures to the judges in the most geometrically perfect way. The sport of aerobatics is great for spectators who will see aircraft performing more extreme manoeuvres than they would normally see at airshows and is a great showcase for what these aircraft are really capable of, hitting 10G positive and 6G negative and changing direction quickly to remain in the tight aerobatic display box and avoid penalties.

Let there be clear sky and great flying!

Great Britain goes for European and World gold

2010 or the year when Great Britain could produce a World and European Champion in the sport of aerobatics for the first time ever.

This summer, teams rigorous selected during 2009 and 2010 by the British Aerobatic Association will compete in the European and World Advanced Aerobatic Championships.

The Unlimited European championships are to be held in the Czech Republic in September. The Unlimited Team is formed by Tom Cassells, British Champion Gerald Cooper, Nick Onn, Richard Pickin and ex-World Champion Eric Vazeille.

The Championships run from the 2nd until the 12th September and attract teams from across Europe, including the French World Champions.

The World Advanced Aerobatic Championships run from the 5th of August until the 15th in Radom, Poland.

The British Advanced Team is British Advanced Champion Alan Cassidy MBE, Chairman of the BAeA, Marco Kalweit, Nick Richards, Cas Smith, Paul Tomlinson and Nick Wakefield.

Both teams can be seen at various UK competitions in the run up to the championships, including the British National Championships at Sywell, near Northampton, on the 15th – 18th July.

Competing on the global stage requires not only exceptional flying skills, but also huge personal dedication by each pilot, including significant commitment of personal time, money and energy to mastering the sport.

All we can do is to wish them luck and to be there and support the championships.

UPDATE: 2009 FAI European Aeromodelling Championship(F5B/F5D)

(the original article…) The event that took place at Cisnadie, Romania, this year was a complete succes for the Italians both Team and Individual (Frattini Remo – individual category). was there and as we promissed, we came up with a nice video for you! check it out here.

For the past year aeromodelling events, you can watch some more videos here or here.

Experience Flying with Kevin Eldredge

sbachWe met pilot Kevin Eldredge at Reno Races this year.  We spoke with him about the races and about his jet plane. Kevin shown us his incredible Sbach. Aerodynamic, super powerful, very smooth and looking like a bullet ready to pierce the air.



kevin eldredge

Kevin is an experienced pilot from California,who started as a commercial one. He is also a helicopter pilot. From 1985 to 1989 he was a flight mechanic on Huey helicopters at Edwards Air Force Base. See below his dynamic videos from Reno Air Races 2009.

Reno Air Races September 2009

RenoAirRaces_40d100_0224_0197_0187_CollageThis year is the 46th Reno Air Races & Air Shows. These races are hosted in Reno, Nevada, United States, the home of National Championship Air Races. Every year pilots,crews and aviation personalities get together and make a wonderful and memorable airshow for the audience. This competition is heald since 1964 and it still has an important meaning for pilots all around the World. The event draws fans from all over the world, including a large local following. The Reno Air Racing Association, which organizes the event, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of authentic air racing. This September you will get the chance to see super aviation shows like Biplanes: small, aerobatic aircraft like the Pitts Special, the Mong, and the Smith Miniplane, racing on a 3.11-mile course at speeds reaching 250 mph. You will also see: high performance commerically-available, kit built aircraft, reaching speed over 400 mph, Forumla One: the fastest formula one aircraft, reaches almost 250 mph on the 3.11 mille race at Reno. For more details about the event please check this link below

Of course we couldn’t miss this opportunity to take some images and see the Reno Races. So keep an eye on our website cause we’ll come up with some great footages and interviews from there. Meanwhile you can watch some footages from 2007 and 2008 Reno Air Races (for videos click on the years).