Stunt jumps handcuffed and blindfolded

This is a world record! Canadian stuntman plummets from plane handcuffed and blindfolded to inspire youth.

This never before attempted stunt saw Hammell plummet a gut wrenching 11,000 feet, going 235 kilometres per hour, while blindfolded and trying to escape being handcuffed to the waist with Smith and Wesson 100 handcuffs. Scott successfully completed this feat by quickly escaping from his handcuffs with just enough time to safely deploy his parachute and successfully land blindfolded in a field outside of Hamilton, ON, USA. 

It took Scott two years to get ready for this stunt; learning how to pick handcuffs and overcoming his fear of heights. One of the most difficult parts to his stunt he says was trying to land on his feet after deploying his parachute. Only relying on his sense of hearing and trust in his guide jumpers, Scott managed to properly maneuver himself in the dark from landing in any undesired and dangerous locations.

The great jump below:

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