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July’s air sports

This month don’t miss these incredible air sports events from all over the world:

  1. 1-10 July – 13th ASIA Parachuting Championship & Indonesian Merdeka International Open – skydiving event
  2. 3-10 July – 2010 Gliding Spanish Nationals and 2010 Swedish nationals
  3. 3-11 July – British Nationals gliding
  4. 3-18 July 31st FAI World Gliding Championship
  5. 4-16 July – 2010 Flatland Cup, Szeged, Hungary
  6. 7-8 July  Aviation Outlook in China Beijing
  7. 7-11 July – Arlington Fly In
  8. 8-18 July 2010 Schengen 25 Anniversary, White Nights, 71° Nord Kap, Luxemburg – Norway
  9. 11-17 – 2010 Paragliding Pre World Piedrahita, Piedrahita, Spain
  10. More details in this calendar
  11. 17-18 July Duluth Air Show 2010, Minnesota, USA
  12. 17 – 18 July Vectren Dayton Air Show, OH, USA
  13. 19-25 July – Farnborough International Air Show, UK
  14. 24 – 25 July – Sunderland International Air Show 2010
  15. 24-25 July Alberta International Air Show, Alberta, Canada
  16. 26 Jul – 1 Aug – EAA airventure in Oshkosh, WI

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Stunt jumps handcuffed and blindfolded

This is a world record! Canadian stuntman plummets from plane handcuffed and blindfolded to inspire youth.

This never before attempted stunt saw Hammell plummet a gut wrenching 11,000 feet, going 235 kilometres per hour, while blindfolded and trying to escape being handcuffed to the waist with Smith and Wesson 100 handcuffs. Scott successfully completed this feat by quickly escaping from his handcuffs with just enough time to safely deploy his parachute and successfully land blindfolded in a field outside of Hamilton, ON, USA. 

It took Scott two years to get ready for this stunt; learning how to pick handcuffs and overcoming his fear of heights. One of the most difficult parts to his stunt he says was trying to land on his feet after deploying his parachute. Only relying on his sense of hearing and trust in his guide jumpers, Scott managed to properly maneuver himself in the dark from landing in any undesired and dangerous locations.

The great jump below:

From the wheelchair to his first tandem jump had the chance to meet very interesting people from all over the world in the past years. People with amazing stories came to us to share their opinions and experiences related to air sports. Recently we’ve got a very nice email from Vladimir Gyurov, who’s in a wheelchair and he tried his first tandem jump from the altitude of 4000 m.

Vlady wrote to us hoping that his exciting experience will be an example and an inspiration for other like him.  We encourage Vlady’s mission and we though you might want to see his skydiving experience; that’s why you can watch it here and here.

We’ve got our kix start

Indoors skydiving or maximum adrenaline. Airsports team tried it for real! It was amazing as none of us did this before. The kick was maximum. I am sure you’re wondering what is it feel like. Nothing hard to imagine. You start with your terms and conditions, than they play a DVD for you, so it’s easy to imagine what’s gonna happen in there. After you’re familiar with the “indoor situation” you receive a special costume, goggles, helmet and you’re ready to start! As we entered into the tunnel chamber, things got really crazy. The instructor helpped us to relax and we started the flying. It’s really an interesting situation. The atmosphere inside the tunnel is not something you felt before, is quite anusual. We did pretty good, tried to practice turns and 360 from the first time.   The whole experience was extraordinary for all of us and maybe after a few sessions we’ll make the huge stept of jumping from 5000 ft.

Drazen Wingsuit Team at 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show

32 Base Jumpers – 180m

JinMao2004-GaryCunningham&JasonFitzherbert How it is not be scared about hights? I think pretty normal. But hights that measure 180m?

32 base jumpers thrilled the crowd in Penang with their skydiving skills as they leaped off Komtar’s 62nd and 64th floors. That was a 180m jump! Kinda’ scary for anyone who is not in the business:) The jumpers took turns taking off from the two floors from 8.30am(very early !!!!!)  to 5.30pm on the 18th of October as the crowd was watching. Cool! One of the jumpers, Australian Gary Cunningham, started jumping since he was 16.

,,When I first started doing the jumps, it felt like my soul was separated from my body.

I was very scared but after a number of jumps, I managed to overcome the fear,, , he said.

Great feeling I think! We should try it some time! What do you say?