Human body flying

What’s the most dangerous thing about flying?

Overloaded aircraft engine?  Skydiving from a high altitude? Gliding? Maybe not! A recent personal and careful documentation showed that wingsuit flying is the most scarry one!

Wingsuit flying is a form of base jumping, using a special suit and no other equipment. According to the ,,greatest” Wikipedia, ,,Wingsuit flying is the art of flying the human body through the air using a special jumpsuit, called a wingsuit, that shapes the human body into an airfoil which can create lift. The wingsuit creates the airfoil shape with fabric sewn between the legs and under the arms. It is also called a birdman suit or squirrel suit.”

A bit of history: Since 1930’s,  after many failures, Jari Kuosma of Finland and Robert Pecnik of Croatia teamed up to fulfill their dream of creating a wingsuit that was safe and accessible for all skydivers when they established BirdMan, Inc in 1998.  BirdMan’s Classic, designed by Robert Pecnik, was the first wingsuit offered to the general public.

So you’re completly carried by wind, as well as a bird and try to avoid obstacles in your way, like big rocks and trees:). At first sight I think everyone of you asks himself who has the courage to do this? I’m afraid many we know, many of our friends or people u  just met! It’s a dangerous sport but a very cool one!

Wanna try to do some wingsuit flying? Check out these links for more infos (how wingsuit flying works, wingsuit competition). Watch video below and see the real adventure:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch more related videos here.


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