Have you ever been wondering how’s like to be a bird,to fly all over the places without borders and fear less? The following thing might surprise you but such experience exists for people!!! And it requires a hawk and some paragliding! The air sports’s name is Parahawking and this because it involves flying with hawks!!! Falconer Scott,one of the sport practitioners:

,,it’s the closest you can get to actually interacting with a bird of prey in it’s own environment, to be able to see through their eyes and be a part of their world, all the while harnessing their natural ability to conserve energy. I suppose it’s like the aerial equivalent of swimming with dolphins!’

If we’ve made you curious about flying with birds, why don’t you book a parahawking flight here?  Or maybe interact with the sports professionals? Hawks had always been misterious birds and very,very interesting hunters. I think this sport makes you feel more closer to them and experience how it is to be like a hawk, how’s like to fly with a hawk on your hand and think you are a hunter like it? Quite amazing!

More details about this air sport here and great images here.

parahawk flying

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