Introducing the WAC 2009 Pilots

 The 25th FAI’s World Aerobatic Championships is the most prestigious aviation event of 2009. This competition is split into two disciplines: The Technical Championship – the first 8 days and the Freestyle Championship, the final 2 days.  For the Freestyle Championship you will get the chance to watch the entire show live on, the number one air sports website.

During 10 days at Silverstone you will have the chance to see the best aerobatic pilots in the world. 60 pilots from 19 countries will be there to entertain the crowds of spectators and 20 pilots will compete in the spectacular Freestyle aerobatics section.

The Aerobatic pilots and teams for the 2009 WAC come from all over the world to fight for the World Aerobatic title including countries from as far afield as Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Here’s a rundown of some of the aerobatic pilots, teams and their background…

AdilsonThis year you will get the chance to see flying Adilson Kindlemann from Brazil. At the age of 36 Adilson has more than 11,000 flyinga hours and he has been three times Brazilian Unlimited Champion.

Doug_Jardine_pilot_CANCanada is represented this year at the WAC by it’s top aerobatic pilot, Doug Jardine. With 17,000 flying hours and big experience in Hang Gliding and Aerobatics, Doug is one of the most well known faces in air sports.

MarkJefferies2007One of the UK’s top aerobatic pilots, Mark Jefferies will be at the WAC, flying his beautiful Extra 300SC. Mark is the current holder of the British National Champion title.


One of the pilots from Czech Republic team is Martin Sonka. Flying a Sukhoi 31 M he became the 2008 National Aerobatic Champion in his country. This year he comes to WAC to demonstrate he is still able to match the same record.

FINSamiKontiopilotFinland’s top pilot, Sami Kontion will be there as well flying his CAP232 aircraft.




The French aerobatic team as ever are a force to be reckoned with, with many pilots competing including Francois Le Vot.

At the age of 32, Norbert Werle from Germany flies an Extra 300S, maybe one of the powerful aircrafts specially designed for aerobatics.

Tamas_IllesHungary presents Tamas Illes a 38 years old pilot with 140 hours of aerobatic flying, will these relative newbie hold is own?

IRLDavid_BrutonIrishman David Bruton represents the emerald isle flying a Sukhoi 26. David won several National Championship titles and a Swiss Championship.

Michael_Golan_pilot_ISRMichael Golan from Israel is a professional pilot who started flying contests in 2002 and competed in many Advanced – level contests in the USA.



Italy’s Andreea Fossi is maybe one of the oldest pilots, and an experienced one. He’s been an aerobatic pilot for over 28 years.

Kairys4Jurgis Kairis, one of the Lithuania’s top pilots and gold winner will be this year too at the WAC. 

Anatoly_Belov_pilotFrom Russia we’ll see in the air Anatoly Belov, one of the medal winners of World and European Championships in 2004.

PODLUNSEK%205LFrom Slovenia, the well known pilot Peter Podlunsek who flies an ultimate Extra 300SC. Peter is the five times winner of the Slovenian National Championship title.

Ramon Alonso is one of the Spanish pilots competing this year at the WAC, he has over 19,000 flying hours in more than 52 types of aircraft.


We’ll see again an Extra 330SC in the WAC’s air flown by Jeff Boerboon. The American pilot was invited to join the US National Advanced Aerobatic Champion in 2003 and 2006.

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