SATURDAY 29th – Airshow displays during live broadcast

LIVE airshows start this weekend. Besides the incredible aerobatic flights and spectacular manouvers you will get the chance to see some exciting airshow displays. We’ll make it easier for you and let you know how the schedule for Saturday 29th will look like.

aerostars_1AEROSTARS – The Aerostars are the largest civilian team in the UK.Complex vertical aerobatics, opposition passes and figures will be flown by 3 and 2 aircraft formations. 

CURTIS P 40 – It was used by the air forces of 28 nations, including those of most Allied powers during World War II. Is an American single-engine, single-seat.p 40 aircraft

GUINOT TEAM – Dazzling over 6 million spectators each year the wingwalkers buzz airshows at low level, their beautiful biplanes carving loops through the sky while daring wingwalkers wave and perform handstands at 150mph!GUINOT

WW2 SET PIECE – WW2 fighters provided a set-piece in the form of an aerobatic tailchase routing from the locally-based Hispano Buchon, Hawker Hurricane and Pearl Harbor veteran P-40B Tomahawk.FIGHT WW2

RED DEVILS – The Parachute Regiment,element of the British Army. It is an elite unit by virtue of its stringent selection process, rigorous training programme and by the rred_devilsequirement of its role to operate with minimal or no support behind enemy lines and against numerically superior forces.



HAWK – The Hawk’s Rolls Royce Adour engine produces 5,200lbs of thrust and can power the aircraft to a top speed of Mach 1.2. The aircraft has a maximum altitude of 48,000 ft and fuel capacity gives a range of 1,000 nm, making most of the world accessible apart from New Zealand.JSJ_PC_British_Aerospace_Hawk

SWIFT TEAMTeam pilots have a wealth of experience from both air displays and competitions and our displays have been seen in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Swift team pilots have taken top honours in national aerobatic competitions and have also competed at European and World levels. SWIFT

VULCAN is a bomber that could carry a bomb weighing 4,536kg (10,000lb) to a target that was 2,780km (1,725mi) away.800px-avro_vulcan_bomber_raf

THE BLADES – With four Extra 300 stunt planes flown by former Red Arrows pilots, The Blades bring you the ultimate in aerobatic excitement. The Blades had performed at one of the most excitement events in the world.Blades-planes



For more information about the Saturday schedule (and the hours when all this displays will appear on the sky) click here