2011 FAI Young Artists Contest

The International Jury of FAI met to determine the winners of the 2011 FAI Young Artists Contest, whose theme was “50 Years of Human Space Flight”. The theme of this year was tightly linked to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s historic flight.

Was a tough decission for the jury as all the members submitted high quality paintings.

And here are the results:

Group I – Junior Category / 2001-2004 (Ages 6-9)
1. Yulia TOROPOVA – Russia
2. Jiale LI – China
3. Jie SU – China

Group II – Intermediate Category / 1997-2000 (Ages 10-13)
1. Angela NOSENKO – Russia
2. Asiya STEPANOVA – Russia
3. Maiko MATSUTO – Japan

Group III – Senior Category / 1993-1996 (Ages 14-17)
1. Shosuke TAKEUCHI – Japan
2. Emmanuel ORTIZ – USA
3. Anna SOLDATOVA – Russia

The theme of the 2011 Contest will be “Silent flight”. The rules and the interpretation of the theme will be published later this month on the CIEA web pages.

Congratulations from Airsports.tv!

Renaud Ecalle Tribute

Renaud was a great aviator and friend which won many competitions in his career including the World Aerobatic Championships at Silverstone in 2009 and the European Aerobatic Championship in Touzim 2010.  We dedicate this tribute to his beloved ones and with deep condolences to his family.

WeFly Team at 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show

Yes, you can fly! This is the message that Wefly wants to get across through their participation at Airshows.  Wefly Team comes from Venice and it is the world’s only disabled pilots aerobatic team. The team are the official representatives for “Baroni Rotti”, the federation of Italian Disabled Pilots, and also the official demo team for Fly Synthesis, the manufacturer of the Texan Top Class.

The team first formed in 2005 at the request of Baroni Rotti, to represent the federation at an important Italian Airshow. This began with only 2 airplanes flown by Alessandro Paleri and Fulvio Gamba. In 2007, Kustatscher and Cherubini joined Paleri and Gamba and the Wefly team was born. Alessandro spoke to us in an interview and you are very welcomed to watch it here.

How air sports work?

Want to try, but it’s kinda risky. Want to experience but you don’t know everything about it. Some good infos about how some air sports work you can find on this website. They have some good explanations about some of the air sports. For exemple: in the site you will see how hang gliding started as an air sport and they explain what’s a hang glider, how you can start practicing the sport and so on. If we made you curious you should check the site and see with your own eyes.