We’ve got our kix start

Indoors skydiving or maximum adrenaline. Airsports team tried it for real! It was amazing as none of us did this before. The kick was maximum. I am sure you’re wondering what is it feel like. Nothing hard to imagine. You start with your terms and conditions, than they play a DVD for you, so it’s easy to imagine what’s gonna happen in there. After you’re familiar with the “indoor situation” you receive a special costume, goggles, helmet and you’re ready to start! As we entered into the tunnel chamber, things got really crazy. The instructor helpped us to relax and we started the flying. It’s really an interesting situation. The atmosphere inside the tunnel is not something you felt before, is quite anusual. We did pretty good, tried to practice turns and 360 from the first time.   The whole experience was extraordinary for all of us and maybe after a few sessions we’ll make the huge stept of jumping from 5000 ft.

Indoors Skydiving

Always interested in skydiving, but never had the chance or the courage to do it? You can experience the feeling of jumping from high altitude but staying closer to the ground. Thanks to some good experienced people, we can have the opportunity to see how is it feel like to fall from heaven:) without beeing there. Indoors Skydiving motivated many people to go and try it for real, at some high altitude. But the experience provided on the ground can be fascinating as well. Basically you are floating,driven by wind generated by a huge propeller. You have a trainer that helps you understand what moves you need to do and how to keep your ballance in the air. Skydiving between 4 walls can be a great experience and a motivation to go forward at 15,000 ft. If you wanna start right away here you have a few options where you can learn to skydive: Bodyflight in Bedford, Airkix in Milton Keynes,iFly SF Bay in USA.

To understand how indoors skydiving works better watch the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.