2011 FAI Young Artists Contest

The International Jury of FAI met to determine the winners of the 2011 FAI Young Artists Contest, whose theme was “50 Years of Human Space Flight”. The theme of this year was tightly linked to the 50th anniversary of Gagarin’s historic flight.

Was a tough decission for the jury as all the members submitted high quality paintings.

And here are the results:

Group I – Junior Category / 2001-2004 (Ages 6-9)
1. Yulia TOROPOVA – Russia
2. Jiale LI – China
3. Jie SU – China

Group II – Intermediate Category / 1997-2000 (Ages 10-13)
1. Angela NOSENKO – Russia
2. Asiya STEPANOVA – Russia
3. Maiko MATSUTO – Japan

Group III – Senior Category / 1993-1996 (Ages 14-17)
1. Shosuke TAKEUCHI – Japan
2. Emmanuel ORTIZ – USA
3. Anna SOLDATOVA – Russia

The theme of the 2011 Contest will be “Silent flight”. The rules and the interpretation of the theme will be published later this month on the CIEA web pages.

Congratulations from Airsports.tv!


New videos

Lately we’ve updated new videos on our YouTube Channel. If you don’t know about this channel yet, please visit us on www.youtube.com/airsportstv

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Vodpod videos no longer available.
 Vodpod videos no longer available.

The 9th FAI Advanced World Aerobatic Champs 5-15 Aug

Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce the beginning of a very big event in the aerobatic scene, the  Advanced World Aerobatic Championships 2010 (AWAC 2010). The competition brought together contestants from all around the world: UK, France, Japan, Italy, South Africa, Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland, Hungary, USA, Ukraine, Finland, Portugal, Russia, Poland, Sweden. During 10 days from 5th to 15th of August these contestants will compete to win the title of Overall Champion.

 Airsports.tv will be in touch and will get back with fresh news about this event every day!

Great Britain goes for European and World gold

2010 or the year when Great Britain could produce a World and European Champion in the sport of aerobatics for the first time ever.

This summer, teams rigorous selected during 2009 and 2010 by the British Aerobatic Association will compete in the European and World Advanced Aerobatic Championships.

The Unlimited European championships are to be held in the Czech Republic in September. The Unlimited Team is formed by Tom Cassells, British Champion Gerald Cooper, Nick Onn, Richard Pickin and ex-World Champion Eric Vazeille.

The Championships run from the 2nd until the 12th September and attract teams from across Europe, including the French World Champions.

The World Advanced Aerobatic Championships run from the 5th of August until the 15th in Radom, Poland.

The British Advanced Team is British Advanced Champion Alan Cassidy MBE, Chairman of the BAeA, Marco Kalweit, Nick Richards, Cas Smith, Paul Tomlinson and Nick Wakefield.

Both teams can be seen at various UK competitions in the run up to the championships, including the British National Championships at Sywell, near Northampton, on the 15th – 18th July.

Competing on the global stage requires not only exceptional flying skills, but also huge personal dedication by each pilot, including significant commitment of personal time, money and energy to mastering the sport.

All we can do is to wish them luck and to be there and support the championships.


Results: 2009 Tochigi Hot Air Balloon International Championship and Honda Ballon Grand Prix-

Click on the following link for the 2009 Tochigi Balloon Championships results.
Results here.



Photo updates from British Skydiving Championships

This years British Skydiving Championships were held in Lincolnshire between 5th and 17th August. It was a great event and one full of adventure.

The competition followed a record-breaking skydive which took place at Skydive Chicago, Illinois USA on 1st August. Eight British athletes were part of a group of 108 skydivers who completed the largest ever head down formation skydive, reaching speeds of 180 mph.  The first event of the UK nationals is the popular 4-way formation skydiving category in which up to fifty teams are expected to enter, the national champions this year will also qualify to represent the UK at the next World Championships in 2010, British Team Storm, are the current female world Champions and Team GB also took bronze at the recent World Air Games in China, in the freefly artistic category.

Skydiving in the UK has grown in popularity in recent years, with 5,000 regular skydivers and up to 40,000 participating in their first jump each year. With the introduction of new styles and techniques to the sport, it has meant that it is easy to find a discipline that really inspires new skydivers. As an example, Vertical Formation Skydiving is a discipline that has only been recognised at national competition-level since 2008, but is already proving popular amongst competitors.

Meanwhile we have some cool photos for you from this year British Skydiving Championships. Feel free to visit the official website at www.skydivingchampionships.com and the British Parachute Association’s website at www.bpa.org.uk for more infos.