July’s air sports

This month don’t miss these incredible air sports events from all over the world:

  1. 1-10 July – 13th ASIA Parachuting Championship & Indonesian Merdeka International Open – skydiving event
  2. 3-10 July – 2010 Gliding Spanish Nationals and 2010 Swedish nationals
  3. 3-11 July – British Nationals gliding
  4. 3-18 July 31st FAI World Gliding Championship
  5. 4-16 July – 2010 Flatland Cup, Szeged, Hungary
  6. 7-8 July  Aviation Outlook in China Beijing
  7. 7-11 July – Arlington Fly In
  8. 8-18 July 2010 Schengen 25 Anniversary, White Nights, 71° Nord Kap, Luxemburg – Norway
  9. 11-17 – 2010 Paragliding Pre World Piedrahita, Piedrahita, Spain
  10. More details in this calendar http://events.fai.org/calendar?id=70
  11. 17-18 July Duluth Air Show 2010, Minnesota, USA
  12. 17 – 18 July Vectren Dayton Air Show, OH, USA
  13. 19-25 July – Farnborough International Air Show, UK
  14. 24 – 25 July – Sunderland International Air Show 2010
  15. 24-25 July Alberta International Air Show, Alberta, Canada
  16. 26 Jul – 1 Aug – EAA airventure in Oshkosh, WI

More information you’ll find on www.airsports.tv and by accessing our Facebook official page here.


ICAS finished, Airsports.tv back home

The ICAS 2009 Convention was a complete success for the Airshows scene. We were so glad to be there and to be a part of this incredible large family.

During 3 days of exhibition we had and amazing time meeting pilots and airshow personalities. Melissa Pemberton and Doug Jardine were there. They also participated at the World Aerobatic Championships this year at Silverstone. The event was a big success for them and it was for us as well. If everyone remembers we had an online live broadcasting from the event on our official website http://airsports.tv. Visited by 80.000 people that weekend!!!! We also met at ICAS Keving Eldredge. He had a great year in air racing, coming second at Reno Air Race 2009.

ICAS was a great opportunity for us to meet new people and discover the real world of airshows. We’ll looking forward to be there next year!

Meanwhile if you were there please go to http://airsports.tv and write your opinion about the ICAS or you can send us pictures from the event in order to make them public on this blog. Send them to sdulama@airsports.tv

ICAS 2009 started!!!

Hello everyone! We are here at the ICAS Convention 2009. We are surrounded by incredible people and amazing airshows companies.People from all around the world of airshows get together every year here at Las Vegas for the International Council of Air Shows.

The first day started  very well and we are glad to be here promoting our air sports programmes. If you step by booth 736, you can get the chance to speak with Flying Aces and Airsports.tv  members, watch incredible air sports videos on our big screen and also see the amazing series of AERO GP!!!

All you have to know is: Flying Aces is at ICAS, at booth 736, meet us there and let’s talk about air sports, air racing, aerobatic, Aero GP.

In a few moments we will come back with images from ICAS. Keep an eye on this blog and also visit http://airsports.tv

Airsports.tv @ ICAS 2009

The International Council of Air Shows is about to start. In less than 4 days we’ll be a member for the big meeting of international airshows. The committee will get together and decide what’s best for the next years’ air shows events. This 2009 the ICAS Air Show Meeting will take place in Vegas between 6th and 9th of December.

 Airsports.tv and Flying Aces Ltd welcome everyone at Las Vegas from 6th to 9th of December for the 2009 International Council of Air Shows(ICAS). Please go ahead and visit us at booth #736 . Let’s meet there. We’ll have plenty of infos for everyone, air sports stories, DVDs and more.

See you in Vegas!!

Meanwhile you can copy this banner and attach it to your website. Cool, thanks!

Reno Air Races September 2009

RenoAirRaces_40d100_0224_0197_0187_CollageThis year is the 46th Reno Air Races & Air Shows. These races are hosted in Reno, Nevada, United States, the home of National Championship Air Races. Every year pilots,crews and aviation personalities get together and make a wonderful and memorable airshow for the audience. This competition is heald since 1964 and it still has an important meaning for pilots all around the World. The event draws fans from all over the world, including a large local following. The Reno Air Racing Association, which organizes the event, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of authentic air racing. This September you will get the chance to see super aviation shows like Biplanes: small, aerobatic aircraft like the Pitts Special, the Mong, and the Smith Miniplane, racing on a 3.11-mile course at speeds reaching 250 mph. You will also see: high performance commerically-available, kit built aircraft, reaching speed over 400 mph, Forumla One: the fastest formula one aircraft, reaches almost 250 mph on the 3.11 mille race at Reno. For more details about the event please check this link below http://www.airrace.org/eventOverview.php.

Of course we couldn’t miss this opportunity to take some images and see the Reno Races. So keep an eye on our website cause we’ll come up with some great footages and interviews from there. Meanwhile you can watch some footages from 2007 and 2008 Reno Air Races (for videos click on the years).