Photo updates from British Skydiving Championships

This years British Skydiving Championships were held in Lincolnshire between 5th and 17th August. It was a great event and one full of adventure.

The competition followed a record-breaking skydive which took place at Skydive Chicago, Illinois USA on 1st August. Eight British athletes were part of a group of 108 skydivers who completed the largest ever head down formation skydive, reaching speeds of 180 mph.  The first event of the UK nationals is the popular 4-way formation skydiving category in which up to fifty teams are expected to enter, the national champions this year will also qualify to represent the UK at the next World Championships in 2010, British Team Storm, are the current female world Champions and Team GB also took bronze at the recent World Air Games in China, in the freefly artistic category.

Skydiving in the UK has grown in popularity in recent years, with 5,000 regular skydivers and up to 40,000 participating in their first jump each year. With the introduction of new styles and techniques to the sport, it has meant that it is easy to find a discipline that really inspires new skydivers. As an example, Vertical Formation Skydiving is a discipline that has only been recognised at national competition-level since 2008, but is already proving popular amongst competitors.

Meanwhile we have some cool photos for you from this year British Skydiving Championships. Feel free to visit the official website at and the British Parachute Association’s website at for more infos.

32 Base Jumpers – 180m

JinMao2004-GaryCunningham&JasonFitzherbert How it is not be scared about hights? I think pretty normal. But hights that measure 180m?

32 base jumpers thrilled the crowd in Penang with their skydiving skills as they leaped off Komtar’s 62nd and 64th floors. That was a 180m jump! Kinda’ scary for anyone who is not in the business:) The jumpers took turns taking off from the two floors from 8.30am(very early !!!!!)  to 5.30pm on the 18th of October as the crowd was watching. Cool! One of the jumpers, Australian Gary Cunningham, started jumping since he was 16.

,,When I first started doing the jumps, it felt like my soul was separated from my body.

I was very scared but after a number of jumps, I managed to overcome the fear,, , he said.

Great feeling I think! We should try it some time! What do you say?

Updates for the US National Skydiving Championships

The National Skydiving Competetion had a major issue  because of  weather.  Houston, USPA Nationals got off to a rocky start. On 12th October , only 1 Round was completed and scored. On the next day, the competition actually made it to Round 4 for some teams and Round 5 for others.  VTSD has taken this competition by storm by pulling away from the pack early with an outstanding lead of 66 points, which puts them comfortably in first place. Carolina Ice is in second place with 56 points and Cross Keys NRG is close behind with 51 points to put them in third place. See below the intermidiate and overall results .

vtsdintermidiate uspaoverall uspa

2009 National Skydiving Championships

skydiving championships The Competition takes place in Rosharon,Texas from today (12th October) till 25th October 2009. This year prepare to see formation skydiving, freeflying, style & accuracy, canopy piloting and canopy formation. The whole event will be broadcasted on the official website of the competition. Till the final results we’ll stay in touch with The Skydiving Championships official Blog. If around keep an eye on the schedule:
Oct 12, 2009 Kick off National championships,  4-way Formation Skydiving
Oct 14, 2009 Start of the *8 way event of Formation Skydiving.
Oct 15, 2009 Start of the *VFS event of Vertical Formation Skydiving.
Oct 16, 2009 Start of the *16 way event of Formation Skydiving.
Oct 17, 2009 Start of the *10 way event of Formation Skydiving. LARGE BANQUET/AWARDS
Oct 18, 2009 Start of the *Canopy Formation 4 way Sequential.
Oct 19, 2009 Start of the *Canopy Formation Rotation and Style & Accuracy.
Oct 21, 2009 Start of *Canopy Piloting and the *Canopy Formation 2 way Sequential.
Oct 22, 2009 Start of the *Canopy Formation 8 way

Base Jumping adventure starts in Malaysia

Why do we need adrenaline so much? Guess because it makes us happy. Have you ever felt as you’re the master of your own fears and you want to test your limits? Ever tried bungee? What about base jumping? Base jumping is a sport using a parachute and participants jump of the fixed objects like towers, buildings, bridges. In my opinion this is a great start for ones who want to try skydiving and jumping from plane. It’s almost like bungee jumping but in this case you are secured with a parachute:)



This week 16 base jumpers from around the World (11 from Malaysia, others from Australia, New Zealand, India and Turkey) got together to jump from the Teruntum Complex in Kuantan. The building measures 96 m (3 times an 8 floors block of flats) and it is going to be a real challenge for the participants. This demonstration is the first of the KL Tower International Jump in Malaysia 2009. The next stops for jumping will be in Felda Residence Hotel (Terengganu), Menara Alor Star (Kedah), Menara Pelita (Kuching), Menara Tun Mustapa (Kota Kinabalu), Menara Komtar (Penang) and Menara Taming Sari (Malacca).

Parachuting Record

The British Parachute Association (BPA) announced a new 14 way head-down Record. On the 4th of October 09 a British Freeflying formation managed to set up a new Record. This time 14 parachutists gathered to beat the June 2007 record, where 11 participans jumped from the plane.It was a complete success for the 14 participans and hopefully not the last one. This performance follows the spectacular Record obtained by two Britons, Holly Budge and Neil Jones, above Everest mountain last year. Back in the day they jumped from 29,500 ft. with extra breathing equipment. Exciting!!!

Indoors Skydiving

Always interested in skydiving, but never had the chance or the courage to do it? You can experience the feeling of jumping from high altitude but staying closer to the ground. Thanks to some good experienced people, we can have the opportunity to see how is it feel like to fall from heaven:) without beeing there. Indoors Skydiving motivated many people to go and try it for real, at some high altitude. But the experience provided on the ground can be fascinating as well. Basically you are floating,driven by wind generated by a huge propeller. You have a trainer that helps you understand what moves you need to do and how to keep your ballance in the air. Skydiving between 4 walls can be a great experience and a motivation to go forward at 15,000 ft. If you wanna start right away here you have a few options where you can learn to skydive: Bodyflight in Bedford, Airkix in Milton Keynes,iFly SF Bay in USA.

To understand how indoors skydiving works better watch the video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.