This week news

–          8th June – Airshow 100 celebrating 100 years of Irish aviation. Punchestown, Naas, Co Kildare, Eire.

–          8 – 13 June 2010 – ILA Berlin AirShow- Centenary show

–         9th June Carolina Fest, Chester, USA – skydiving

–          12- 14 Queensland State Aerobatics Championships. Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, Queensland, Australia.

–          10 to 13 June – 13th Schmittenpokal PG 2010, Zell am See, Austria, paragliding cross country

–          10 – 13 June – Portuguese Championship / 5° Open de Parapente de Mirandela, Mirandela, Portugal, paragliding cross country

–          10 – 13 June International Paragliding Swiss Championship Grindelwald, Switzerland

–          10-14 June Abierto “Copa Iyomá” / “Iyomá Cup Open”, Roldanillo, Colombia, class 1 cross country

–          11-13 June – Jempol International Paragliding Competition, Malaysia

–          11 to 13th June Quebec Air Show

–          11 Jun to 24 Jun 2010 – gliding – Ukraine Open National Gliding Championship, open/standard class

–          12 Jun to 19 Jun 2010 – gliding event –  Arboba Open, Arboga Sweden,  open/standard/15 meter/ club class

–          13th June – Aeromiting 2010, Godine, Croatia.

–          13 Jun to 18 Jun 2010 – gliding – Romanian Challenge Cup, Oradea, Romania, club class/handicapped

–           13-19 June Canadian National Hang Gliding Championships – Lumby, BC, Canada, class 1 cross country, open solo class

–          13 -19 June – South African National Championship: Barberton Open, Barberton, SA


From the wheelchair to his first tandem jump had the chance to meet very interesting people from all over the world in the past years. People with amazing stories came to us to share their opinions and experiences related to air sports. Recently we’ve got a very nice email from Vladimir Gyurov, who’s in a wheelchair and he tried his first tandem jump from the altitude of 4000 m.

Vlady wrote to us hoping that his exciting experience will be an example and an inspiration for other like him.  We encourage Vlady’s mission and we though you might want to see his skydiving experience; that’s why you can watch it here and here.

We’ve got our kix start

Indoors skydiving or maximum adrenaline. Airsports team tried it for real! It was amazing as none of us did this before. The kick was maximum. I am sure you’re wondering what is it feel like. Nothing hard to imagine. You start with your terms and conditions, than they play a DVD for you, so it’s easy to imagine what’s gonna happen in there. After you’re familiar with the “indoor situation” you receive a special costume, goggles, helmet and you’re ready to start! As we entered into the tunnel chamber, things got really crazy. The instructor helpped us to relax and we started the flying. It’s really an interesting situation. The atmosphere inside the tunnel is not something you felt before, is quite anusual. We did pretty good, tried to practice turns and 360 from the first time.   The whole experience was extraordinary for all of us and maybe after a few sessions we’ll make the huge stept of jumping from 5000 ft.

Women Technical Day

We’ve been invited to Women Techical Day and be sure we will come back from there with some footage for you guys! The Women’s technical day is a compilation of women in action sports. The event will be hold in 22-23 rd of May 2010 at Pécs – Pogány Airport, Hungary.
In this event sporting women aircraft, women aerobatics, women car and bike will make show. I am sure you remember aerobatic pilot Melissa Pemperton fromUSA. She was the youngest aerobatic pilots present at WAC 2009 and she did a great job!  Also Yvonne Mecialis USA will be there. If you want to see action in air sports, come to Hungary and you will get the chance to watch exclusive drag racers, MX riders, an air brush painter who does amazing car and bike paint jobs, Melissa Pemberton will perform aerobatics and skydiving, a glider pilot! This is the first time they held this event and hopefully it will be a big success!  We will come back with updates when we find out more, but for now please visit these websites and go on Melissa’s web too[3][4]

Celebrities involved in air sports


Greedy to be in the spotlight everytime, celebrities have always tried all kinds of extreme sports. Nowadays many actors got into aviation business and obtained a pilot licence.

Maybe some of you are aware of John Travolta as one of a kind actor, but also a one of a kind pilot.  With over 5000 flying hours he obtained a pilot certificate and a very significant contract with Breitling for advertising their watches. In case of Breitling and John Travolta, it is deep passion for aviation and great experience in the field.

The Sun announced that Michael Jackson’s kids had tried indoor skydiving in a flight simulator. Both Prince Michael and Paris were visiting Hollywood’s Universal Studios (accompanied by aunt La Toya) and decided to try their hand at the skydiving. They couldn’t stop laughing as they defied gravity when their bodies floated on a cushion of air.

Another famous pilot is Angelina Jolie. Yes!  The Tomb Raider’s actress owns a 360,000 dollar Cirrus SR-22 and has been spotted taking  Brad Pitt and kids Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh for trips in the speedy jet. Harisson Ford is a private pilot of both planes and helicopters. In March 2004, Ford officially became chairman of the Young Eagles program of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA). Paris Hiloton is “addicted” to skydiving – after jumping from a plane to celebrate her birthday in 2007.

Other personalities involved in aviation (that have a pilot licence for exemple): Clint Eastwood, Senator John Forbes Kerry, Actor Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Ex-American President George W. Bush, and many others.


I think it’s a posibillity that you came across these facts on our headlines.

On October 28, 2009 a skydiving event was held at Gorak Shep. During the event, world skydiving champion Wendy Smith from New Zealand, Global Angels ambassador and tandem master Tom Noonan and Wing Commander Jai Kishan from the Indian Air Force, made a successful landing at the Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar plateau, lying at an altitude of 17,192 feet (5,242m), right beside Mt. Everest. This is believed to be the highest skydiving stunt performed over highest drop zone in the world.

Picturest from the event here!

Video here


70 skydivers will attemp to set a new World Record!

After Jump for the Cause event in September this year, a team of 70 specially-qualified wingsuit skydivers will attempt to set the official US Wingsuit Formation Skydiving record in Lake Elsinore, California, today, November 11th 2009. The formation will be visible from the ground and spectators are encouraged to attend.

According to Raise the Sky website:

,, To achieve the record, the team will fly in a huge, evenly spaced, predetermined formation like a flock of birds, exiting four separate aircraft from 13,000 feet above the ground and flying for more than two miles before deploying parachutes and landing. Two judges from the United States Parachute Association ( will officially ratify the record when it is complete.”

Raise the Sky is donating all benefits from the event to City Year Los Angeles.  By doing something that seems impossible to most humans, the team wants to inspire at-risk youth in Los Angeles to stay in school.

We are keeping in touch with some of the brave skydivers and will come up with updates and news about this event! So stay tunned!