Paramotor news: Parabatix – the sky racers

Parabatix. Great concept air racing with paramotors against the clock between pylons with obstacles! Check out their official website here Parabatix

Watch a video trailer about Parabatix Sky Racing project

and this video


Vote and win $2500 – UTE event

The Ultimate Thailand Explorers online competition started today. As you already know, our friends Mathieu (WAG Paramotor Champion) and Emilia (Best world Paramotor girl) are involved. The first selection of the Thai Jury was hard but they passed it with brio! If you want to help them to win all you have to do is to go on the Ultimate Thailand Explorers website, go to Register and after activating your account you can vote them. Look for Mathieu and Emilia on the Phuket videos section and click on VOTE! It’s simple and fun! And btw, you can get the chance to win $2500 by votting. Another great thing is that you can vote every 24 hours and get more chances to win the prize! Good luck guys and good luck to you Mathieu and Emilia!!!

Mathieu and Emilia two adventurous explorers

Mathieu Rouanet is an experienced sportive. This year he won the title: World Air Games Paramotor World Champion. He and his girlfriend Emilia have two adventurous lifes. Everytime they have the chance and time they go and experience the limits of sky.  He likes Hot Air Balloons and he is also a big fan of base jumping.  According to his tweets today (13th October) Mathieu is actually flying a hot air balloon. His girlfriend,Emilia is very inventive and she created her own paramotor. WoW!!!! These days they are involved in a competition. Starting 19th October 2009, Mathieu and Emilia need to gather as many views as they can for this video.  If you want to encourage them watch their video here.