This week news

–          8th June – Airshow 100 celebrating 100 years of Irish aviation. Punchestown, Naas, Co Kildare, Eire.

–          8 – 13 June 2010 – ILA Berlin AirShow- Centenary show

–         9th June Carolina Fest, Chester, USA – skydiving

–          12- 14 Queensland State Aerobatics Championships. Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield, Queensland, Australia.

–          10 to 13 June – 13th Schmittenpokal PG 2010, Zell am See, Austria, paragliding cross country

–          10 – 13 June – Portuguese Championship / 5° Open de Parapente de Mirandela, Mirandela, Portugal, paragliding cross country

–          10 – 13 June International Paragliding Swiss Championship Grindelwald, Switzerland

–          10-14 June Abierto “Copa Iyomá” / “Iyomá Cup Open”, Roldanillo, Colombia, class 1 cross country

–          11-13 June – Jempol International Paragliding Competition, Malaysia

–          11 to 13th June Quebec Air Show

–          11 Jun to 24 Jun 2010 – gliding – Ukraine Open National Gliding Championship, open/standard class

–          12 Jun to 19 Jun 2010 – gliding event –  Arboba Open, Arboga Sweden,  open/standard/15 meter/ club class

–          13th June – Aeromiting 2010, Godine, Croatia.

–          13 Jun to 18 Jun 2010 – gliding – Romanian Challenge Cup, Oradea, Romania, club class/handicapped

–           13-19 June Canadian National Hang Gliding Championships – Lumby, BC, Canada, class 1 cross country, open solo class

–          13 -19 June – South African National Championship: Barberton Open, Barberton, SA

Bright Open 2010

Australia here we go! The 2010 Bright Paragliding Open is a 7 day paragliding competition, running from the 6th – 12th March 2010, based around the Mystic Flight Park in Bright, Victoria.

Please visit the official competition website for details and daily results.


Have you ever been wondering how’s like to be a bird,to fly all over the places without borders and fear less? The following thing might surprise you but such experience exists for people!!! And it requires a hawk and some paragliding! The air sports’s name is Parahawking and this because it involves flying with hawks!!! Falconer Scott,one of the sport practitioners:

,,it’s the closest you can get to actually interacting with a bird of prey in it’s own environment, to be able to see through their eyes and be a part of their world, all the while harnessing their natural ability to conserve energy. I suppose it’s like the aerial equivalent of swimming with dolphins!’

If we’ve made you curious about flying with birds, why don’t you book a parahawking flight here?  Or maybe interact with the sports professionals? Hawks had always been misterious birds and very,very interesting hunters. I think this sport makes you feel more closer to them and experience how it is to be like a hawk, how’s like to fly with a hawk on your hand and think you are a hunter like it? Quite amazing!

More details about this air sport here and great images here.

parahawk flying

Vote and win $2500 – UTE event

The Ultimate Thailand Explorers online competition started today. As you already know, our friends Mathieu (WAG Paramotor Champion) and Emilia (Best world Paramotor girl) are involved. The first selection of the Thai Jury was hard but they passed it with brio! If you want to help them to win all you have to do is to go on the Ultimate Thailand Explorers website, go to Register and after activating your account you can vote them. Look for Mathieu and Emilia on the Phuket videos section and click on VOTE! It’s simple and fun! And btw, you can get the chance to win $2500 by votting. Another great thing is that you can vote every 24 hours and get more chances to win the prize! Good luck guys and good luck to you Mathieu and Emilia!!!