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Normal Surplus the first man to fly an autogyro around the globe – part 1

Normal Surplus wants to be the first man who attempts to fly around the entire globe in an autogyro. His courage and passion for flying are supported by the Gyrox Goes Global team.

The ‘Autogyro man around the world’ Norman Surplus had flown 7,118 miles (11,455 kilometers) from his official departure point Larne N.Ireland. This is a longer distance than the previous record established in 2004 by the Global Eagle team who’s “Total distance travelled since start: 10,480 km” / 6,511 miles. At the moment he arrived in Kolkata, India after he achieved to France, Italy, Greece and Egypt.

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The teams also started a charity campaign, for cancer research. You can donate and find more details about it on this following link.

We will keep you updated about Norman’s travels around the world in the next parts.

Gyrox Goes Global Team go, go, go!!!!

Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 summary

The Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 was a massive success and a great community event! All the organizational staff along with the 22 teams from around the Universe did a great job putting everything together for the joy of the audience.

A record 23 international teams, a re-formatted Aero GP and enhanced Spectator Village took the Al Ain Aerobatic Show; Al Ain’s largest and longest-running sporting festival, to new heights this weekend. Spectators will also witness the South African Goodyear Eagles Aerobatic Team’s attempt to complete a never-before-seen triple synchronised inverted parachute drop, whilst three aircraft perform a formation loop.

Al Ain Aerobatic Show is the world’s only aerobatic extravaganza which combines military and civil aircraft, stunt displays and competitions. The Spectator Village was designed for all ages with activities broadened to include a host of high-value competitions.

We had teams from USA, UAE, Italy, Switzerland, France, Croatia, UK, Hungary, Turkeyand South Africa:

Radio Control Jet Team, Ali Ozturk, The Viper Jet Team, Abu Dhabi Police Airwing, Zoltan Veres Formation, Aero GP, Jacquie B. Warda, Drazen Wingsuit Team, Goodyear Eagles, Pilatus, UAE Air Force, Saudi Hawks, Fazzaa Sky, We Fly, Miss Demeanour, Breitling Jet Team, Royal Bahrain Air Force, Folland Gnat Jet Team.

Fans form all around the world had the possibility to watch all the show LIVE on The LIVE Broadcast gathered together thousands of fans from all around the world.

All flying teams demonstrate their skills with passion during 4 days of event. Pilots had a very good opportunity to show everything they could, here, at Al Ain Oasis City. The press releases and images from Al Ain, show the entire enthusiasm of the event:

Al Ain Aerobatic Show  Press release 01

Al Ain Aerobatic Show Press release 02

Al Ain Aerobatic Show Press release 03

Al Ain Aerobatic Show Press release 04

Aero GP at Al Ain Aerobatic Show

had some very good days here at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show. The Aero GP 6 pilots: Andy Bickmore, Zoltan Veres, Castor Fantoba, Nigel Hopkins, Gerald Cooper and Smokey Young performed at their best to impress the audience. The first Air Race, on 27th, was fantastic. The second one as well. Zoltan Veres won both of them, followed by Andy Bickmore in his new plane S-bach 342.

The air combat stage kept the audience’s attention. Castor is doing very well with his awesome techniques, Nigel’s combats are very calculated, Smokey won a few combats already, Zoltan’s moves are fantastic, Gerald was incredible as he won a few combats on the first day and Andy shows all the best he can in his Sbach, designed by Philip Steinbach. Andy is very lucky to have Philip with him at all time.

This time Aero GP has prepared a new task for the public: aerobatics to music. Basically in this task pilots are tested on their individual aerobatic skills and ability through various precision stunts. We heard a good mix of music for the aerobatics performances.

Here at the Al Ain Aerobatic Show the Aero GP LIVE Broadcast on was amazing and very well welcomed.

The Final Podium looked like this:

The complete results below:

For more details about the formula one of aviation please go on

Viper Jet Team to perform at Al Ain Aerobatic Show

The Viper Jet Team, based in the UK will perform at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show for tausands of people. The Team is formed by Chris Heames, Dan Arlett, Gerald Williams and Mark Petrie. Powered by a Rolls Royce VIPER 535 turbojet engine, the BAC 167 is flown by the Viper Pilots easily. The aircraft it’s manoeuvreable and capable of speeds up to 450 mph !!! The Vipers made a great video for you guys as a demonstration of their skills. Watch below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can see Viper Jet Team LIVE on

Coming soon!!!

And for all those who are fanatic about air sports we have one thing to say:

29th and 30th of January – AL AIN AEROBATIC SHOW 2010 LIVE on AIRSPORTS.TV

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Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 Live Broadcasting

Hello guys! We have great news for you!

The 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show will be broadcasted LIVE on our official website between 29th and 30th of January 2010. The event will start earlier than that, on 27th of January and will be held in United Arab Emirates, Al Ain city. crew will be ready to put this event on screens, LIVE. Last Al Ain Aerobatic Show was held in January this year and we were there to broadcast it LIVE. You can still watch some of the best times and highlights from the 2009 Al Ain Aerobatic Show and Aero GP racing here

Will come back with details about the upcoming Al Ain Show and will keep you guys updated with everything you need to know about the broadcasting. Get in touch with our Facebook page about the LIVE Broadcasting for more details about the event.

Meanwhile you all can watch this exclusive promo clip for our LIVE Broadcasting.