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Airsports World Series 3

Hello everyone! 3rd episode of the Airsports World Series should be up soon. We’ll have a lot of surprises for you. A small hint about the upcoming series: we integrated all your favorite air sports and air race in a wonderful package. ;)Meanwhile you can watch the series preview here and stay tunned!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Update: Reno Air Races 2009

Hello everyone!  The Reno Air Races finished without incidents but with a big success.  The great stuff that happened there you can see in the short video below. Taken from the live broadcast on September 20th, the story describes how the races unfolded in each race class.

Take a look!!! Click on the following link.  Reno Air Races Highlight

Make yourself and your adventure known

Hello everyone and when I say everyone I mean every pilot, air racer, skydiver, media press for sports,base jumper, speed rider, parachutist or air sports fan. We know you like adrenaline, powered aerobatics, adventure, speed, and most of all you enjoy flying! We like this as well especially when we read every piece of adventure you’ve been part of.

Flying and basic air sports stories are very exciting and that’s why we come up with the idea of sharing them with others. There are many people out there that wanna give it a try doing skydiving, hang gliding, aerobatics, basic flying or evan base jumping! That’s why you guys should ,,teach” this people and try to motivate them to start!

Certainly every one of you has a true, amazing story from his/her last escapade. Maybe you always wanted to publish it but nobody thought it’s too interesting, or maybe you never got the chance to speak about the last adventure you had.

Publish your story, article,adventure,topic or editorial on our website. Allow everyone to read! You never know who might see it. Maybe your next fan? Maybe a great publication for air sports that wants YOU on their next cover? Maybe your friends and family!

Get in touch with us and find out how can you publish your article!

Photo updates from British Skydiving Championships

This years British Skydiving Championships were held in Lincolnshire between 5th and 17th August. It was a great event and one full of adventure.

The competition followed a record-breaking skydive which took place at Skydive Chicago, Illinois USA on 1st August. Eight British athletes were part of a group of 108 skydivers who completed the largest ever head down formation skydive, reaching speeds of 180 mph.  The first event of the UK nationals is the popular 4-way formation skydiving category in which up to fifty teams are expected to enter, the national champions this year will also qualify to represent the UK at the next World Championships in 2010, British Team Storm, are the current female world Champions and Team GB also took bronze at the recent World Air Games in China, in the freefly artistic category.

Skydiving in the UK has grown in popularity in recent years, with 5,000 regular skydivers and up to 40,000 participating in their first jump each year. With the introduction of new styles and techniques to the sport, it has meant that it is easy to find a discipline that really inspires new skydivers. As an example, Vertical Formation Skydiving is a discipline that has only been recognised at national competition-level since 2008, but is already proving popular amongst competitors.

Meanwhile we have some cool photos for you from this year British Skydiving Championships. Feel free to visit the official website at and the British Parachute Association’s website at for more infos.