WeFly Team at 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show

Yes, you can fly! This is the message that Wefly wants to get across through their participation at Airshows.  Wefly Team comes from Venice and it is the world’s only disabled pilots aerobatic team. The team are the official representatives for “Baroni Rotti”, the federation of Italian Disabled Pilots, and also the official demo team for Fly Synthesis, the manufacturer of the Texan Top Class.

The team first formed in 2005 at the request of Baroni Rotti, to represent the federation at an important Italian Airshow. This began with only 2 airplanes flown by Alessandro Paleri and Fulvio Gamba. In 2007, Kustatscher and Cherubini joined Paleri and Gamba and the Wefly team was born. Alessandro spoke to us in an interview and you are very welcomed to watch it here.


Aero GP at Al Ain Aerobatic Show

had some very good days here at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show. The Aero GP 6 pilots: Andy Bickmore, Zoltan Veres, Castor Fantoba, Nigel Hopkins, Gerald Cooper and Smokey Young performed at their best to impress the audience. The first Air Race, on 27th, was fantastic. The second one as well. Zoltan Veres won both of them, followed by Andy Bickmore in his new plane S-bach 342.

The air combat stage kept the audience’s attention. Castor is doing very well with his awesome techniques, Nigel’s combats are very calculated, Smokey won a few combats already, Zoltan’s moves are fantastic, Gerald was incredible as he won a few combats on the first day and Andy shows all the best he can in his Sbach, designed by Philip Steinbach. Andy is very lucky to have Philip with him at all time.

This time Aero GP has prepared a new task for the public: aerobatics to music. Basically in this task pilots are tested on their individual aerobatic skills and ability through various precision stunts. We heard a good mix of music for the aerobatics performances.

Here at the Al Ain Aerobatic Show the Aero GP LIVE Broadcast on Airsports.tv was amazing and very well welcomed.

The Final Podium looked like this:

The complete results below:

For more details about the formula one of aviation please go on www.aero-gp.com

Saudi Hawks @ Al Ain Aerobatic Show

The Royal Saudi Air Force Aerobatic Team – the Saudi Hawks – will perform a new, tight-formation flying routine  when they take to the skies later this month over Abu Dhabi’s ‘Oasis City’ of Al Ain.

A headline display of the seventh and largest Al Ain Aerobatic Show, which runs at Al Ain International Airport from January 27th – 30th January the Saudi Hawks will feature 24  impressive and unique patterns into their performance over Abu Dhabi’s second largest city using BAE Hawker 65 trainer jets.

The new-look routine though will retain the colourful drill which represents the Hawks’ Kingdom homeland’s national emblem – a palm tree and two swords. It is the only team in the world that draws its national emblem in such a manner.

The Saudi Hawks’ new approach is part of a reinvigorated Al Ain Aerobatic Show – the seventh and largest in the annual series with a record 22 international teams taking part.

“The Saudi Hawks new routine adds to a hugely diverse programme in which 70 percent of the aircraft taking part this year are new to the show, many of the teams are newcomers and performers are planning to demonstrate new manoeuvres and also record-breaking aerobatic attempts. The line up and programme is truly of world-class standard,” said Faisal Al Sheikh, Head-Major Events Division, Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), which presents the Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

The Al Ain event is the world’s only aerobatic spectacle that combines military and civil aircraft, stunt displays and competitions. Set against the backdrop of one of the world’s oldest desert oasis settlements, the show is held under the patronage of HH General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

The Saudi Hawks operate from King Faisal Air Base, Tabuk, in the north west of Saudi Arabia, close to the Jordanian border. All Saudi Hawks display pilots have flown as part of the front-line squadrons of the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and must have attained a minimum of 800 hours in a jet. The team’s support staff is drawn from a wide variety of RSAF backgrounds and plays a crucial role in keeping the Saudi Hawks flying.

The 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show features some of the world’s top pilots from Bahrain, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, the UK and the USA.

Don’t forget you can watch the Al Ain Aerobatic Show LIVE on the internet on Airsports.tv (Click on the link to go straight to the live broadcasting page).

An oldie, but a goldie at Al Ain Aerobatic Show

Miss Demeanour, a vintage Hawker Hunter aircraft with eye-catching livery, looks set to be the ‘belle of the ball’ as she makes her Middle Eastern debut at this month’s Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

For the first time in Emirates. Miss Demeanour’s owner Jonathon Whaley, an ex-Royal Navy and Fleet Air Arm pilot, will be showing off the single seat, high speed civilianised jet fighter to crowds at the show, the Middle East’s premier aerobatics event, when it takes to the skies over Al Ain International Airport from January 27-30.

Miss Demeanour’s flight routine will remain under wraps until Whaley (a veteran pilot who started flying in 1965) inspects the Al Ain site. “My displays are only planned ahead in a broad brush aspect, unless I have flown the display site regularly,” he explained. “I have a selection of manoeuvres that I link together depending on the display site, but my routines will also change depending on whether or not the display starts on take-off and ends on landing, or an overhead arrival and then departing after the display.” Miss Demeanour will appear on all four days of the show – the eighth in the series, flying against the backdrop of one of the world’s oldest desert oasis settlements. She will join the biggest ever line-up in the history of the event with 23 international teams taking part.

“She’s a classic British Jet Fighter in a paint scheme that I designed to show off the beautiful lines of this historic aircraft marque. I will fly her with gusto and, I hope, demonstrate just how much I enjoy flying her, in the hope that my level of enjoyment is matched by the audience,” said Whaley.

Miss Demeanour’s name, said Whaley, “came out of the blue many years ago when I promised myself my first warbird would have a name and I enjoyed the double meaning. It’s not a felony to paint a Hunter so colourfully – it’s just a ‘Miss Demeanour’!”

Don’t forget about the LIVE Broadcasting  of the Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 on http://airsports.tv starting on 29th of January!

Daily tickets for the show Dhs40 per adult and Dhs25 for children between three and 10 years. Children under the age of three get in free. They can be bought via www.timeouttickets.com or from a special Toll Free hotline: 800 4669.

Viper Jet Team to perform at Al Ain Aerobatic Show

The Viper Jet Team, based in the UK will perform at the 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show for tausands of people. The Team is formed by Chris Heames, Dan Arlett, Gerald Williams and Mark Petrie. Powered by a Rolls Royce VIPER 535 turbojet engine, the BAC 167 is flown by the Viper Pilots easily. The aircraft it’s manoeuvreable and capable of speeds up to 450 mph !!! The Vipers made a great video for you guys as a demonstration of their skills. Watch below:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can see Viper Jet Team LIVE on http://airsports.tv/alainaerobaticshowlive.asp

Participating teams at Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010

Hello air sports fans! We are glad to announce the teams’ list for this year’s Al Ain Aerobatic Show. You will get the chance to see teams from 14 countries in this air show. Here they are:

BREITLING, France – The world’s only professional civilian flight team performing on 7 jets.

AERO GP – Andy Bickmore, Castor Fantoba, Nigel Hopkins, Smokey Young and Zoltan Veres – Cutting-edge motor sports display involving high-performance airplanes racing and competing.

VIPER JET TEAM, from United Kingdom – 5 ship formation. 4 flying and 1 static.

WEFLY,  Italy – The only handicap team in the world –3 ship – Multi Athletics and Sports Champions.

The only female pilot at Al Ain interact with children and women at schools and public venues.

METEOR- United Kingdom – For the first time in this event. One of the 1st Jets built to RAF. 2 only left in the World

THE WIZARDS from South Africa – Aerobatic Team. South Africans The Wizards have a new display for this year with a parachute team-3 ship formation.

ALI OZTURK – Turkey – A classic pilot with a good style. Number one in Turkey.

PILATUS – Switzerland – turbo-prop trainer for military use – top performance and a regular sponsor

ZOLTAN VERES TEAM, Hungary – Romania – Top pilot brings a new display to Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010.

DRAZEN WINGSUIT – Croatia – First time in Al Ain. Low altitude Base Jump display.

HAWKER HUNTER – United Kingdom – A very powerful jet for the first time in Middle East!

FALLAND GNAT- United Kingdom – Powerful super sonic jet used by the Reds before the Hawk.

Radio Control – International  – UAE & Germany

UAE AF & ARMED FORCES, UAE – The UAEAF have confirmed their strong participation in 2010 after a 3 years withdrawal.

ABU DHABI POLICE AIRWING, UAE – It’s their first time ever at Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

FAZZA SKY TEAM DUBAI CROWN PRINCE TEAM, UAE – Paramotors ,base jump – Delta

ROYAL BAHRAINI AF,UAE – It’s their first participation at Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

These are the teams participating at the AL Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 so far. Will come up with news soon. Meanwhile you can visit the LIVE page here http://airsports.tv/alainaerobaticshowlive.asp

One step closer to 2010 Al Ain Aerobatic Show

For anyone who thinks that aerobatics are such an easy thing to do, better look close and think twice. One of the most prestigious airshow events in the world it’s about to start in a few days, here in Al Ain, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The Al Ain Aerobatic Show website it’s now open for visitors and you can find there all schedules, all the teams that will perform at the event and all information you need to know about this breath taking aviation event. Click on the link above or just go on http://www.alainaerobaticshow.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.