3DX in China

 3DX was accepted as the World 3D format and now this ambitious and exciting project will bring joy in China.

3DX China 2010 will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 5 – 7 November 2010 at the Formula 1 Power Boat Park in Shenzhen, the Peoples Republic of China. Shenzhen is located very near to Hong Kong, with the International Airport only a few km away. While 3DX is THE acknowledged World 3D Format, 3DX China will be the first event in China, with the intention of promoting the format throughout China in the future. Building on the proven 3DX (3D Masters) formula, Chinese pilots will enter for Expert and Sportsman Classes and will fly Set Manoeuvres and Freestyle. The International Class is intended to be an opportunity for International Pilots to show World Class 3D to an appreciative Chinese audience, with invited pilots from the World’s Best. This Class will fly Set Manoeuvres, Freestyle and Flight to Music.

 The event will be high-profile; invited Judges include Mr Curtis Youngblood from the USA, and Jeremy Morcom and Russ Deakin from the UK, all long-established 3D Masters Judges and pilots of international repute. In addition to the 3DX Competition, there will be organised Demonstration Flights in a ‘Smackdown’ environment throughout the weekend plus an unofficial Night Flying Event and BBQ on Saturday Evening.China is the World’s most important developing market for Aeromodelling, and 3DX China is intended to provide Sponsors with an opportunity to talk and do business. We will be organising a Symposium on Friday 5th November, which will bring together companies who sponsor 3DX China, the World’s Press and invited Chinese Businessmen who have an interest in developing the Aeromodelling Trade throughout China. 3DX China 2010 is the most important 3D Event since the advent of 3D Masters. The Organisers have the resolve to build year-on-year to become the definitive 3D competition within China, promote other events in China, and to present an associated Marketing opportunity to its Sponsors.

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