British pilots prepare for the EAC and the WAAC

Sywell airfield near Northampton will be the place to see the best British aerobatic pilots as they compete to win two national titles on Thursday 15th, Friday 16th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July. The breathtaking freestyle displays will be flown in some of the World’s most capable aerobatic aircraft, flying figures that almost defy the laws of physics, and entrance is free.

The Nationals are part of the build up for the European aerobatic championships in the Czech Republic and the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships in Poland and both teams will be at Sywell to prepare their challenge for European and World championship medals.

Each pilot will have to fly four routines, including the advanced freestyle which is a sequence of figures of the pilot’s choice designed for the ‘wow’ factor that leave the audience wondering how the pilot makes the aircraft fly in a way that appears impossible. The sequence figures are the most complex and difficult to fly, presenting the pilot with both a physical and mental challenge as he fights to keep the airplane in a one kilometre cube aerobatic box while working in three dimensions, both upright and inverted, at over 200mph.

The winner is the pilot who presents the flown figures to the judges in the most geometrically perfect way. The sport of aerobatics is great for spectators who will see aircraft performing more extreme manoeuvres than they would normally see at airshows and is a great showcase for what these aircraft are really capable of, hitting 10G positive and 6G negative and changing direction quickly to remain in the tight aerobatic display box and avoid penalties.

Let there be clear sky and great flying!

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