Participating teams at Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010

Hello air sports fans! We are glad to announce the teams’ list for this year’s Al Ain Aerobatic Show. You will get the chance to see teams from 14 countries in this air show. Here they are:

BREITLING, France – The world’s only professional civilian flight team performing on 7 jets.

AERO GP – Andy Bickmore, Castor Fantoba, Nigel Hopkins, Smokey Young and Zoltan Veres – Cutting-edge motor sports display involving high-performance airplanes racing and competing.

VIPER JET TEAM, from United Kingdom – 5 ship formation. 4 flying and 1 static.

WEFLY,  Italy – The only handicap team in the world –3 ship – Multi Athletics and Sports Champions.

The only female pilot at Al Ain interact with children and women at schools and public venues.

METEOR- United Kingdom – For the first time in this event. One of the 1st Jets built to RAF. 2 only left in the World

THE WIZARDS from South Africa – Aerobatic Team. South Africans The Wizards have a new display for this year with a parachute team-3 ship formation.

ALI OZTURK – Turkey – A classic pilot with a good style. Number one in Turkey.

PILATUS – Switzerland – turbo-prop trainer for military use – top performance and a regular sponsor

ZOLTAN VERES TEAM, Hungary – Romania – Top pilot brings a new display to Al Ain Aerobatic Show 2010.

DRAZEN WINGSUIT – Croatia – First time in Al Ain. Low altitude Base Jump display.

HAWKER HUNTER – United Kingdom – A very powerful jet for the first time in Middle East!

FALLAND GNAT- United Kingdom – Powerful super sonic jet used by the Reds before the Hawk.

Radio Control – International  – UAE & Germany

UAE AF & ARMED FORCES, UAE – The UAEAF have confirmed their strong participation in 2010 after a 3 years withdrawal.

ABU DHABI POLICE AIRWING, UAE – It’s their first time ever at Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

FAZZA SKY TEAM DUBAI CROWN PRINCE TEAM, UAE – Paramotors ,base jump – Delta

ROYAL BAHRAINI AF,UAE – It’s their first participation at Al Ain Aerobatic Show.

These are the teams participating at the AL Ain Aerobatic Show 2010 so far. Will come up with news soon. Meanwhile you can visit the LIVE page here

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