Women Technical Day

We’ve been invited to Women Techical Day and be sure we will come back from there with some footage for you guys! The Women’s technical day is a compilation of women in action sports. The event will be hold in 22-23 rd of May 2010 at Pécs – Pogány Airport, Hungary.
In this event sporting women aircraft, women aerobatics, women car and bike will make show. I am sure you remember aerobatic pilot Melissa Pemperton fromUSA. She was the youngest aerobatic pilots present at WAC 2009 and she did a great job!  Also Yvonne Mecialis USA will be there. If you want to see action in air sports, come to Hungary and you will get the chance to watch exclusive drag racers, MX riders, an air brush painter who does amazing car and bike paint jobs, Melissa Pemberton will perform aerobatics and skydiving, a glider pilot! This is the first time they held this event and hopefully it will be a big success!  We will come back with updates when we find out more, but for now please visit these websites and go on Melissa’s web too www.sportsgal.com

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