ICAS finished, Airsports.tv back home

The ICAS 2009 Convention was a complete success for the Airshows scene. We were so glad to be there and to be a part of this incredible large family.

During 3 days of exhibition we had and amazing time meeting pilots and airshow personalities. Melissa Pemberton and Doug Jardine were there. They also participated at the World Aerobatic Championships this year at Silverstone. The event was a big success for them and it was for us as well. If everyone remembers we had an online live broadcasting from the event on our official website http://airsports.tv. Visited by 80.000 people that weekend!!!! We also met at ICAS Keving Eldredge. He had a great year in air racing, coming second at Reno Air Race 2009.

ICAS was a great opportunity for us to meet new people and discover the real world of airshows. We’ll looking forward to be there next year!

Meanwhile if you were there please go to http://airsports.tv and write your opinion about the ICAS or you can send us pictures from the event in order to make them public on this blog. Send them to sdulama@airsports.tv

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