Air Racer the Movie

As far as I know lately the movies industry haven’t realized what big potential can be found in air sports stories.  Filmmaker Christopher Webb and his team documented this story over a six-year period beginning in 2002. They shot over four hundred hours of material.  They’ve been watching carefully Team Nemesis in their workshop at the Mojave Space Port in California. With such a big production and enthusiastic people behind the scenes, you might be prepared for a mixture of High Definition video and rich visuals and cinematic flare.

The Story:
Air Racer is the true story of husband-and-wife team Jon and Patricia Sharp, who risk everything to create the most advanced race plane ever made, the Nemesis NXT. Their struggle is chronicled in detail over a
four-year period, through the construction and first flight of their prototype, to three grueling race sessions at the famed Reno National Championship Air Races. The story also follows competing race pilots whom the Sharps must take on with their untested plane. Air racing legend and champion Darryl Greenamyer is the man everyone wants to beat. Greenamyer’s longtime rival, John Parker, pushes his Thunder Mustang to the brink in his quest to win. Rookie Kevin Eldredge is the first pilot to purchase an NXT kit and race it against the Sharps’ prototype.

Air Racer is the most in-depth, true-to-life film ever made about air racing. It covers one of the most exciting periods in modern air racing and is the only film to tell the story of the Nemesis NXT project.
First Edition DVDs are now available for buying. Check out the official page. If you want to get in touch with movie crew and staff, please visit their blog page, which you can also find it in our links page.

WAtch the trailer below:

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