Base Jumping adventure starts in Malaysia

Why do we need adrenaline so much? Guess because it makes us happy. Have you ever felt as you’re the master of your own fears and you want to test your limits? Ever tried bungee? What about base jumping? Base jumping is a sport using a parachute and participants jump of the fixed objects like towers, buildings, bridges. In my opinion this is a great start for ones who want to try skydiving and jumping from plane. It’s almost like bungee jumping but in this case you are secured with a parachute:)



This week 16 base jumpers from around the World (11 from Malaysia, others from Australia, New Zealand, India and Turkey) got together to jump from the Teruntum Complex in Kuantan. The building measures 96 m (3 times an 8 floors block of flats) and it is going to be a real challenge for the participants. This demonstration is the first of the KL Tower International Jump in Malaysia 2009. The next stops for jumping will be in Felda Residence Hotel (Terengganu), Menara Alor Star (Kedah), Menara Pelita (Kuching), Menara Tun Mustapa (Kota Kinabalu), Menara Komtar (Penang) and Menara Taming Sari (Malacca).


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