Renaud Ecalle – is the 2009 Overall Champion

The World Aerobatic Championships 2009 finished with glory. After so many difficult situations and complicated manouvers to do, The overall World Aerobatic Champion of this year is Renaud Ecalle from France. Is the 5th time French pilots win this competition. Claude Bessiere won the WAC in Switzerland 1990, Xavier de Lapparent, Hungary, 1994, Patrick Paris won the world aerobatic championships in Slovakia, 1998 and Eric Vazeille was the overall Champion in 2000. WAC 2009 was a succes for France again. The French Team won the Gold for Team categories.  Wac wasn’t a succes just for France, it was a spectacular championship for every pilot attendant. Renaud finished his flights in applause everytime. After winning the competition he embraced the Gold medal and the overwhelming Trophy. Jeff Zaltman, World Aerobatic Championship organiser and Managing Director of Flying Aces commented: “I’m delighted for Renaud for today winning both the World Technical Champion and the World Freestyle titles. And of course our congratulations to France, the best Aerobatic Championship Team in the world. It has been both a challenging event in many ways and it has been an honour to have so many of the world’s top pilots gathered here in the UK, for the first time the event has taken place here in 23 years. I want to extend a huge thank you to Silverstone, the BAeA, the FAI and all of our sponsors for their exceptional support.”

 Take a look at the final results for World Aerobatic Championships Men and Ladies categories:

Technical Programme

Overall World Champion – Ladies                                                                                              Overall World Champion – Men                     

1. Elena Klimovich (RU)- GOLD                                                                                                             1. Renaud Ecalle (FRA) – GOLD

2. Svetlana Kapanina (RU) – SILVER                                                                                                   2.Alexander Krotov (RU) – SILVER

3.Kathel Boulanger (FRA) – BRONZE                                                                                                   3. Francois Le Vot (FRA) – BRONZE

Women’s World Champion – RAC Trophy – Elena Klimovich (RU)                                        Overall World Champion – Aresti Cup – Renaud Ecalle (FRA)


World Aerobatic Champion Team

1. FRANCE – Team Manager: Fabrice Camliti, Renaud Ecalle,Francois Le Vot,Pierre Varloteaux – GOLD

2. RUSSIA – Team Manager: Victor Smolin, Alexander Krotov, Mikhail Mamistov, Oleg Shpolyanskiy – SILVER

3. UNITED STATES – Team Manager: Norm DeWitt, Jeff Boerboon,Michael Racy,David Martin – BRONZE


Freestyle Programme

1. Renaud Ecalle (FRA) – GOLD

2. Jurgis Kairys (LIT) – SILVER

3. Eric Vazeille (GBR) – BRONZE

 men techicalwomen techicalteamsecalle7r.ecalle

boulangermen- freestyleguinotbritish team

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